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Thinking Outside of the Box With Your Coverages w/ Amanda Dowdell Toole Peet Insurance

Friends in the Industry -

Today, I’m super excited to have a great conversation with my friend and insurance professional that I have a ton of respect for, Amanda Dowdell with Toole Peet Insurance, part of the Navacord Group.

For starters, Amanda is one of the more passionate insurance professionals I am fortunate to know, and her level of expertise is incredible.

During our conversation, Amanda breaks down some of the challenges carriers are experiencing today, and offers up a handful of solutions that will help carriers navigate their

relationship with their insurance brokers.

Furthermore, Amanda highlights why she’s so passionate about helping carriers succeed in our industry, because ultimately – without carriers and professional drivers operating each day, our comforts and day-to-day necessities would suffer greatly.

Check out the episode now!

For a lot of us, navigating in the transportation and logistics industries, insurance is a continuous topic as it has such a large impact on our businesses.

From a carrier’s perspective, insurance can impact who a carrier can hire, what types of loads they can haul, cash flow, and so much more.

Insurance also impacts potential customers, because if a carrier doesn’t have the correct coverage, and can’t obtain such coverage to haul specific commodities, the customer is faced with trying to find additional power to move their freight instead of going to a trusted carrier they’ve built relationships with.

While these are just a couple of ongoing challenges when it comes to insurance, I’m excited to state that there are solutions available to help overcome such challenges.

For starters, working with the right insurance broker will make a world of difference for a carrier. When I say the right broker, I don’t mean that there are right and wrong insurance brokers. What I mean, is your organization is working with an insurance broker that understands your business and will think outside the box when it comes to creating solutions for your insurance needs.

This is why I am excited to align myself with industry leaders, like Amanda, that is dedicated to impacting carriers' organizations, through outside-of-the-box thinking on their coverage.

I highly recommend connecting with Amanda directly:




Thank you again Amanda for joining me on the podcast!

As always, let's create a pivotal impact!


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