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Timmies…Starbucks…and Workers Compensation. What do they have in common? Anthony Butkovic

Starbucks became popular because someone decided to make it a place where a person could have a cup of coffee and stay a long time. A place you’d want to sit in that was comfortable and inviting.

It was here that a client called me to meet them. Now me personally…I prefer McDonald’s or Timmies, but every now and then I’ll find myself with a Venti Latte…whatever that is.

My client and I were meeting because they spoke with the owner about getting folks in their company WCB training. They had some turnover…a few messy claims…and were looking for a solution.

The issue was when they had a WCB claim, the folks in charge of dealing with it:

· Didn’t know how to fill out the WCB forms

· What to say to WCB or when to notify them

· What to do with the worker or which doctor they injured employee should see.

All of this I explained was covered in detail with my WCB Coaching and Training.

The problem was, my client’s boss had told them they had no more room in their operational budget to hire a “WCB Service.”

Coming out of COVID they were still recovering financially. They understood the benefits but a budget is a budget and times were tight. Perhaps when things got better they could revisit this.

I understood as this is common. Often people won’t / can’t reach out until their backs are against the wall with WCB and that’s ok. There are options regardless.

What intrigued me though, was that my client was telling me about how their company valued education, and investing in their people to make their workforce stronger.

As I sipped my latte…which tasted pretty much like warm milk…I listened to the recent online training they were doing to comply with transportation guidelines etc.

I casually asked: “Does your boss have an education budget for that?”

To which my client responded: “Oh yea! But the truth is it doesn’t usually get used up. There’s always room left over.”

Just then you could see my client’s eyes open up as if his caramel macchiato finally kicked in.

“Wait a sec!...your WCB training could be covered under the education budget and not the operational budget. We only want the online courses anyway.” My client exclaimed.

I responded with: “That’s right, and later on if there is still room, we can do coaching sessions when you have a claim to make sure nothing gets missed.”

I then added…”Your boss can write off the cost at 100% at tax time because it’s business related.”

We finished our coffees and left. The next day we were able to put together a customized bundle of online courses for his boss with an agreement for 1-on-1 coaching in the event a

WCB claim happened, so that the company and it’s employees would know:

· What you should and shouldn’t say on a WCB report

· Which area of WCB to call and what to say to make sure things are handled properly for you and the injured worker

· That they could sleep at night knowing things were under control.

If you have room in your budget and are looking

If you have room in your budget and are looking for a way to professionally develop your people…or get that extra bit of tax write off, then do the following:

1. Email me directly at

2. In the email tell me that you saw this article

3. Together we will build a program customized specifically for you and your company

Have a WCB scenario or WCB question you think would be a good topic to discuss in a future article? Email me at and be entered to win FREE access to our online WCB Appeals Course retailing at $349.99!

If you have a scenario or situation you’d like to discuss in upcoming articles, email me directly at or connect with Anthony on LinkedIn.


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