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Truck Focus Newsletter - August 2021 Edition

Truck Focus Newsletter - August 2021 Edition

Good day! Josh here with Truck Focus. I want to write a quick note to first off say thank you for your ongoing support by subscribing to the Truck Focus Newsletter! Our mission at Truck Focus is simple - to connect transportation industry leaders, to the industry, to help create a pivotal change.

I believe it is important to uplift our industry leaders that are creating a pivotal impact in the lives of those operating within the transportation industry so that they can ultimately be of service to you and your organizations if and when you are in need.

As our industry continues to accept various technologies and integrate systems into our day-to-day operations, it is crucial that we trust the organizations that offer these services. Carrier compliance is one area that can have incredible benefits by integrating trusted systems into our organizations, which is why I am a proud advocate of ComplianceBox.


An expertly designed, easy to use Mobile App, that offers electronic inspections that are automatically risk-rated, to keep your fleet safe, and your employees focused.

The factors that are killing your bottom line:

An increased number of worker compensation claims and the cost per claim;

Increased health insurance premiums;

Less energized, focused, and engaged drivers;

Increased driver fatigued;

Decreased safety of drivers;

Poor company culture;

Less retention of experienced drivers;

The increased cost of training new drivers;

Decreased productivity of tasks drivers need to complete at a high level each shift;

Decreased ability to handle physical and mental stress throughout the day; and

Decreased customer retention through driver's attitude.

The Trucking Fitness Company

Lose 15lbs in 60 days on the road or your money back.

Have you ever sat back and wondered, "is my business creating enough financial profit"?

Speaking on behalf of myself as a business owner, I know I sure have, many times. Balancing the amount of effort we put out, and ensuring our businesses create a profit is extremely important if we desire to be operating the business for years to come.

Bridging Numbers

Creating Ways to Your Financial Goals

If you’ve ever dealt with Workers’ Compensation (WCB) as an employer or a worker, you may be wondering….”how did WCB make THAT decision?

Regardless of the jurisdiction you’re in WCB looks at 3 basic things when considering the acceptance of a WCB claim:

  1. Was the worker in the course of employment?

  2. Was an employment hazard present?

  3. Are the workers symptoms related to what they said happened at work.


Specialists in WCB Training & Courses.

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Truck Focus - August 2021 Newsletter
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As always, let’s create a pivotal impact!


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