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Truck Focus Newsletter - December 2021 Edition

Truck Focus Newsletter - December 2021 Edition

Good day! Josh here with Truck Focus. I want to write a quick note to first off say thank you for your ongoing support by subscribing to the Truck Focus Newsletter! Our mission at Truck Focus is simple - to connect transportation industry leaders, to the industry, to help create a pivotal change.

I believe it is important to uplift our industry leaders that are creating a pivotal impact in the lives of those operating within the transportation industry so that they can ultimately be of service to you and your organizations if and when you are in need.

As our industry continues to accept various technologies and integrate systems into our day-to-day operations, it is crucial that we trust the organizations that offer these services. Carrier compliance is one area that can have incredible benefits by integrating trusted systems into our organizations, which is why I am a proud advocate of ComplianceBox.


An expertly designed, easy to use Mobile App, that offers electronic inspections that are automatically risk-rated, to keep your fleet safe, and your employees focused.

Major Changes in the Canadian Commercial Insurance World

In 2021, many important things happened in the Canadian commercial insurance world. Even if you were actively embedded in the insurance industry, it would be practically impossible to know everything that has happened. This month’s article isn't ended to summarize some of the major changes that happened in 2021 and explain what those changes mean.

Capacity Limits and Appetite – This year more insurers have reduced their appetite for certain industries. This was commonly seen within the Transportation industry. Many Insurers are looking more closely at the businesses they are insuring, now more than ever these Insurers are looking for information with regards to the Carrier's Safety, Compliance, and Training Programs to ensure that these businesses have the infrastructure in place to be a safe company.

Leibel Insurance Group

Leibel Insurance offers businesses in Canada with a wide range of commercial insurance products that will fit any company’s needs.

About Knights of the Road

The idea for this research project was inspired by some observations and by a simple question. Fatal collisions involving semis and heavy commercial trucks are a common occurrence – we read about these in the news every week it seems. The stories in the media focus on the injured and deceased and, in some cases, the reactions of bystanders and emergency personnel, but seldom mentions the condition of the driver of the vehicle. This begged the question: So, how IS the driver doing after being involved in a fatal collision? The researcher was familiar with the effects of trauma on various populations and professions, but a preliminary scan of academic journals showed that there were not many mental health or trauma studies about commercial truckers. The researcher’s goal to was fill this gap in scholarship by doing a study focussed on truckers’ experiences of fatal collision involvement.

Knights of the Road

The Long Haul - Truckers, Trauma, and Resilience

Speed Kills.

You might be wondering… what does this have to do with... Workers Compensation (WCB)?

Well, it’s more the inability to control the speed that creates the issue. A professional driver understands their ability, their machinery, conditions of the road, and how to make it all work.

An amateur first learning how to drive struggles with getting a feel for the vehicle and what to watch out for to prevent a loss of control. Claims management isn’t different. When a worker reports an injury a claim can get moving quite quickly. If you don’t have a feel or experience for what to do…you can lose control and it will cost you.


Specialists in WCB Training & Courses.

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Truck Focus Newsletter - December 2021
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As always, let’s create a pivotal impact!


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