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Truck Focus Newsletter - February 2022 Edition

February 2022 Edition

Friends in the Industry - First off, I truly appreciate you taking the time to receive and read your copy of the Truck Focus Newsletter! Each month, we look forward to connecting you with our industry leaders, to help create a pivotal change in your life as a professional, and in your organization. Down your copy of the February 2022 Truck Focus Newsletter Edition now!

In the February edition of the Truck Focus Newsletter, Anthony Butkovic, owner of wrote an article that highlights the importance of leading with empathy with workers. He quotes “people will forget what you said or did… but they will remember how you made them feel.” This is a crucial step when managing workers that are injured, but also managing workers during the day-to-day operations.

I highly recommend working with my friend and industry leader Anthony Butkovic, owner of WCB with your claims management needs before an injury takes place, but also if an injury occurs, so you best manage the claims process, such as how to interview a worker or witness post incident, what documents are required to be completed, and more.

Learn to Manage and Appeal WCB / WSIB or Worksafe Claims Just Like a Professional Consultant to Decrease Premiums, Increase Rebates, and Successfully Bid on Projects!

As our industry continues to accept various technologies and integrate systems into our day-to-day operations, it is crucial that we trust the organizations that offer these services. Carrier compliance is one area that can have incredible benefits by integrating trusted systems into our organizations, which is why I am a proud advocate of ComplianceBox.


An expertly designed, easy to use Mobile App, that offers electronic inspections that are automatically risk-rated, to keep your fleet safe, and your employees focused.

A crucial component to the success of any business is cash flow. Cash flow allows you to pay your ongoing bills, such as payroll or maintenance costs, while still allocating funds into long-term and short-term savings, paying off debt, and planning your growth strategies.

In our industry, it is very common for a carrier, or supplier, to complete an excellent job well done, submit an invoice for the agreed upon amount, and then wait 30-60 days to be paid. Meanwhile, your ongoing expenses are still required to be paid. This business model, especially for smaller carriers, can be challenging.

This is why I am a vocal advocate of J D Factors, and for the services, they offer various organizations within the transportation and logistic sectors. Gordon Onley, Western Canada Business Development Officer with J D Factors highlights “what is factoring” in his recent article, which I highly recommend you take a moment to read. Furthermore, Gordon joined me (Josh) on the Truck Focus Podcast for a conversation. Listen Now

A question I believe we need to ask ourselves when we are thinking about the longevity of our businesses, is this: what is my worst case scenario, and am I prepared and protected in the event the worst case occurs? Now, I am not asking this question to be fearful of what could happen, quite the opposite actually, but instead so we can pursue opportunities, and growth, with confidence.

Richard Tino, a Commercial Account Executive with Leibel Insurance Group wrote an article that was featured in the February Truck Focus Newsletter edition, “an often overlooked coverage - the legal expense policy”.

As we continue to roll through February, and put forth the required effort to pursue opportunities and ultimately expand our impact, I will ask the question one more time. Are you prepared and protected in the event the worst case scenario (for you) occurs?

If you have a question regarding your current insurance coverages or are looking to obtain insurance, such as the legal expense policy, then I highly recommend connecting with Richard Tino and the team at Leibel Insurance Group.

With a focus on Health, Safety, Wellness, & Driver Solutions, the Mindful Trucker is creating a pivotal impact in the lives of many in the transportation industry. Recently, the Mindful Trucker joined myself (Josh) and Don Taylor, an over the road professional of over 30 years who recently published his book Stories From The Road. I encourage you to listen to the podcast episode now! Listen Now

Have you noticed the amount of information we are required to not only understand but to implement effectively, in order to be compliant in the transportation & logistic industries? In order to be successful for the long haul, we need to ensure we are actually complying with all of the requirements.

In my experience, one area that is the industry can struggle with is our human resource requirements. Far too often, small business owners take on roles of the hiring manager, disciplinary issuer, coach, mentor, and anything else they can think of when dealing with their staff AKA humans. Managing people is an essential part of our business, and ensuring you are managing within in accordance with the law is crucial for your success.

I am excited to introduce Kiy HR Services, as they offer a one-stop online shop for your human resources needs. Check out The Complete HR Blueprint training now!

My encouragement to you as we finish out the month of February is to have a clear vision of what it is you would like to accomplish in the next couple of weeks; create a detailed plan and execute the plan each and every day. March is approaching quickly, and I look forward to the guidance our industry will share in the upcoming Truck Focus Newsletter edition!

As always, let’s create a pivotal impact!


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