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Truck Focus Newsletter - September 2021 Edition

Truck Focus Newsletter - September 2021 Edition

Good day! Josh here with Truck Focus. I want to write a quick note to first off say thank you for your ongoing support by subscribing to the Truck Focus Newsletter! Our mission at Truck Focus is simple - to connect transportation industry leaders, to the industry, to help create a pivotal change.

I believe it is important to uplift our industry leaders that are creating a pivotal impact in the lives of those operating within the transportation industry so that they can ultimately be of service to you and your organizations if and when you are in need.

As our industry continues to accept various technologies and integrate systems into our day-to-day operations, it is crucial that we trust the organizations that offer these services. Carrier compliance is one area that can have incredible benefits by integrating trusted systems into our organizations, which is why I am a proud advocate of ComplianceBox.


An expertly designed, easy to use Mobile App, that offers electronic inspections that are automatically risk-rated, to keep your fleet safe, and your employees focused.

Are you based in Alberta, and have received a violation ticket while operating a commercial vehicle?

Have you wondered "what can I do" now that a ticket has been issued?

Well, violation tickets can be disputed.

Alberta Ticket Busters has licensed and insured agents that can help.

Alberta Ticket Busters

Retaining Ticket Busters can reduce stress, save time, and result in a more desirable outcome than self-representing or simply paying the ticket.

Hurdle's carriers face when relying on paperwork, and how EnviroApps helps solve these pain points

About EnviroApps: EnviroApps is eliminating paper forms that are currently being used to track the transportation of dangerous goods and waste. Efficiencies can be gained by avoiding paperwork, filing, and storage, besides enhancement of safety through legibility and accuracy of information.


We help Consignors, Carriers and Receivers of dangerous goods, waste and water, reduce compliance risk and provide reliable ESG reporting data, at a fraction of their current cost and efforts.

For most of us when we’re first involved with WCB, we often

get a “deer in the headlights” moment.

This is the moment where questions arise and often the

uncertainty from both you and your employee is:


After 15 years of managing claims, you can’t help but notice patterns.

While the system is similar across each province in Canada, they are

independently legislated which can create confusion for employers.


Specialists in WCB Training & Courses.

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Truck Focus Newsletter - September 2021
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As always, let’s create a pivotal impact!


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