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Truck Focus Podcast - Ep #36 - Sabrina, Lone Wolf Mechanical and Driver Appreciation

Friends in the Industry -

In today's episode, I am excited to speak with Sabrina Wilde, one of the owners of Lone Wolf Mechanical in Thorsby, Alberta.

One thing I truly admire about industry leaders is their ability to do things for others when they really do not "have to". You see, over the last 12 months or so, I have followed Lone Wolf Mechanical's journey on social media, Facebook specifically, and a couple of things have stood out:

First, their passion to provide top-notch mechanical services. Secondly, their passion is to serve their community of Thorsby, Alberta. Thirdly, and probably most impressive is their passion to help the professional driver community.

Check out some pictures from this year's Show and Shine:

In today's episode, Sabrina shares her story and highlights why she and Jim (the other owner) are so passionate about supporting and at times protecting professional drivers.

Additionally, on September 27th, 2021 Lone Wolf Mechanical is starting their driver appreciation week!

You can learn more by visiting: or connecting with them on Facebook. While on their Facebook page, make sure you check out Girls and Gears, a series where Sabrina teaches women important mechanical components, things to pay attention to while at a mechanic shop, and more!

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Lone Wolf Mechanical, you can call or email:

Phone: (587) 643-9653


Thank you again, Sabrina, I really appreciate your time today!


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