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Truck Focus Podcast Ep 38 Ticket Busters - Highlighting The Importance of Disputing a Ticket

Friends in the Industry - Most of us, at some point in our day, operate a vehicle – possibly your personal vehicle to work, possibly a commercial vehicle for work. Regardless of the vehicle you operate, you’re required to maintain a specific class of driver's licenses in order to operate such a vehicle.

As most of us are aware, in order to drive on the road, you need to be aware of and follow very specific rules.

These rules are implemented to help ensure road safety, as well as some consistent order while driving down the road. But what happens when someone breaks one of these rules?

What happens if someone says exceeds the posted speed limit?

Well, a couple of things:

First, it is possible that you would be pulled over by a law enforcement officer. After a brief discussion, you may receive a violation ticket. The ticket would indicate the law that you broke, in this case, speeding, and can possibly issue a fine, such as $167 dollars that need to be paid by you.

A statement that the officer will say at the time of issuing the ticket is the fact that you have the right to dispute the ticket, and the information on how to dispute is usually on the back of the violation ticket.

Another thing that happens is the speeding violation ticket shows up on your driver's abstract. Your driver's abstract is basically your report card and records your performance while operating a vehicle. If you are operating a commercial vehicle, you also maintain a commercial vehicle driver's abstract that shows the performance of other items such as inspections ranked by CVSA, amongst other items.

In today’s episode, I am excited to introduce you to my friend Annette, owner of Ticket Busters, a company that helps individuals challenge tickets in court in Alberta, among other services.

Something that is super important to keep in mind, is that your abstract, regardless if you are operating a passenger vehicle or commercial vehicle has an impact on you as a person, the insurance rates you pay, and in some cases, can determine if you can get hired for a specific job or possibly maintain your current employment.

With all of this said, it’s safe to say two things:

1) You need to drive your vehicle in such a way that is safe and legal with all of the rules of the road.

2) In the event you received a violation ticket, you want to do everything in your power to dispute the violation ticket to help protect your driver abstract.

With years of experience helping people challenge tickets in court, successfully, I always appreciate the advice Annette shares and I am looking forward to the advice she shares in today’s episode!

In addition to listening to today’s episode, I encourage you to reach out to Annette directly if you’ve recently received a violation ticket and see how her company can assist you!

You can learn more by visiting Ticket Busters


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