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Truck Focus Podcast - Ep #41 - Management After An Incident w/ Anthony Butkovic WCB Consulting

Friends in the Industry -

In today’s episode, I’m excited to have a conversation with Anthony Butkovic, owner of WCB Consultant, specialists in WCB that offer consulting, training, and industry-leading courses.

I’m excited to dive into some of claims management processes, with the goal of creating clarity and simplifying some of the processes when a claim is required but also to highlight the importance of working with consultants, just like Anthony, when dealing with claims to ensure what you do is the right thing.

Over the years, I have participated in a number of conversations regarding workplace injuries, what to do when an injury occurs, how to investigate the incident, and even how to make and manage a claim.

During these conversations, I find people, myself included, can be confused on “what exactly am I supposed to do, legally” and “how do I know what I did was the right thing to do?”.

To add to some of the confusion, each province has a different name of the organization you are required to report to, such as WCB, WSIB, or Worksafe.

I recommend you check them out by visiting

For more information on how to create/get a claims package for your company, take our training courses, or additional inquiries on WCB claims management, please email or connect with Anthony on LinkedIn.


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