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Truck Focus Podcast - Ep #44 - Winter Preparation In The Rocky Mountains w/ Roy Jessup

Friends in the Industry - I want you to follow me on a journey for a moment. I need you to do this, close your eyes. Yes, I am for real, close your eyes for just a moment.

With your eyes closed, I want you to picture a semi and a trailer. The semi can be whatever colour you want, but personally, I prefer blue.

The trailer is loaded with 80,000 pounds or 36,000 KG for us up in Canada. The type of load specifically is up to you. Maybe it is 80,000 pounds of extra soft pillows, maybe it is of 80,000 1 pound bricks, you decide.

Now, keep your eyes closed, no cheating! Now I want you to imagine something else.

Imagine yourself on a roller coaster, in the very front seat. You just finish climbing the initial climb, and you are at that point where it feels almost like a standstill before you start the scariest drop of your life. As you wait, time feels like it slowed down, and then AH you start your descent on the roller coaster ride.

Okay, now open your eyes.

Let me ask you this. Could you imagine going on the roller coaster ride, if you knew that no one inspected the right before you got onto the bench seat?

Probably not.

You would probably demand that someone does a thorough inspection of the roller coaster cart, the track, all of the nuts and bolts, just to make sure it is safe to operate on.

Well, instead of a roller coaster going down a scary ride, today I am excited to talk to Roy Jessup, an over-the-road legend, about the importance of preparing for your trip through the rocky mountains.

Watch the episode now!

In addition, we are going to talk about winter preparation, and what needs to be in place before traveling through the rocky mountains to ensure you make it safely each trip. If you have questions regarding mountain driving preparation, winter driving, tires chains, or any of the above for Roy, please reach out to me and I will gladly put you in a contact with him!

Thank you again Roy, I really appreciate your time!

ChainPro Tool

A tool designed to make chaining up easier, safer, and quicker.

The ChainPro is a universal tire chain installation and replacement tool:

- Extends drivers reach to help centre chains

- Removes kinks from chains

- Provides mechanical advantage to get chains tight the first time - saving time moving truck to re-tighten

- Hide-a-way Cam Lock Tool - prevents loss in mud or snow

- Works on most types of chains

- Built-in Ball used for knocking snow and must from chains

- Built-in Ball used to hit tires to check for air pressure

- Saves drivers existing truck a second time, reduces chances of slipping

- Save tire and chain wear from loose chains

- Fits in a standard toolbox

- Can be used to check brake travel

- Built-in Fifth Wheel Pin Puller

- Made in Canada

- Available in Safety Green or Orange


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