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Truck Focus Podcast - Ep #48 - Raising The Bar W/ Driver Training

Friends in the Industry - Years ago I heard a quote when diving into personal development, that says “What you do today, can improve all of your tomorrows.”

When we invest in ourselves today, we have improved tomorrow. Investing in ourselves can mean a lot of things, but in today’s conversation, it is our industry investing towards a safer tomorrow.

British Columbia has integrated MELT into their commercial driver training schools programs. MELT stands for Mandatory Entry-Level Training, which all new drivers must go through in order to obtain their class 1 license.

In today’s episode, I am excited to interview Andy Roberts, owner of Mountain Transport Institute, one of the industry’s best training schools located in Castlegar, British Columbia. In this episode, Andy shares his journey in the transportation industry, specifically on owning his training school, the challenges he has seen over the years, his thoughts on MELT being integrated into British Columbia, and more!

Check out the episode now!

One of my favourite quotes Andy shares during our interview is when he talks about the why. Why are drivers being trained, and what does he need them to understand to better themselves, their experience in the industry, but also what carriers need professional drivers to be able to do after being trained.

This episode is a great listen for people considering getting into the industry as a professional driver, for current professional drivers that are interested in learning more, as well as carriers looking to partner with Andy and MTI.

You can learn more about Mountain Transport Institute by visiting


A huge shoutout to our friends at Chain Pro Tool, who is based out of Kamloops BC, and helping provide safer equipment for professional drivers that are putting on and taking off tire chains during their work shift!

You can learn more about Chain Pro Tool by visiting


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