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Truck Focus Podcast - Ep #51 - Creating an Impact Through Effective Communication w/ Vickie DeVos

Friends in the Industry -

In today’s episode, I am excited to interview Vickie DeVos, owner of Fleet Tax Compliance Services and iMVR Canada, as Vickie does an incredible job highlighting the importance of effective communication with carriers and professional drivers, to help them operate within the boundaries of compliance, but also how she and her team are using a brand new technology called IRIS in their virtual training environments to really impact her students for the better.

You see, when we can effectively communicate a message to someone, to a point where they FEEL encouraged in their journey and see the importance in the information, that’s where the real impact happens.

Check out the episode now!

I believe today’s interview also highlights what is possible in the transportation industry, and the different opportunities that are available.


Learn more about Fleet Tax Compliance Services, a one-stop-shop for all your trucking and transportation needs by assisting and facilitating your professional drivers and in return your entire company!

Services offered include:

Drug and Alcohol Testing, Operating Authorities, Fuel Tax Reporting, Fleet Compliance, and more!


Contact: or 1-855-224-4687 / 1-289-260-2820


Award Winning Technology IRIS by iMVR Using Eye Tracking Technology!

iMVR has developed a revolutionary, immersive, and affordable Virtual Reality (VR) platform called IRIS. IRIS is designed to enhance road safety and the skills of professional drivers around the world.


Contact: or 1-855-224-4687 / 1-289-260-2820


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