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Truck Focus Podcast Ep #54 Continuous Learning Required to Be Successful In Your Compliance

Friends in the Industry - In today’s episode, I am excited to have a conversation with my friend, Christine Van Essen, compliance manager for one of North America’s safest organizations. Christine shares how passionate she is for our industry, and that she seeks out opportunities to sharpen her tools while expressing the value she sees in others.

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A question I commonly hear from different safety professionals is “how do I impact the people I lead to actually follow the procedures in place?” Well, as today’s interview highlights, it takes passion! As a safety leader, you need to be passionate about what you are leading, and you know what? Passion is addictive. When you lead with passion and can explain how these procedures impact all positions within your organization, I can assure you – people will buy in – from senior leaders to professional drivers, to operations staff.

Second, you need to explore the opportunities around you to sharpen the tools in your shed. This could be taking training, attending webinars, etc.

Finally, and probably most important – is you need to value your people. We are in the people business, that’s truly what the transportation industry is all about, serving people, safely. So you need to lead by valuing your people and letting them know they matter and the actions they take each day matter. I encourage you to connect with Christine on LinkedIn as she is a true industry advocate! Thank you again for joining the podcast today Christine, I really appreciate it!


I am excited to introduce you to our sponsors, ComplianceBox.

ComplianceBox - Transport Compliance Made Easy

ComplianceBox is an expertly designed, easy-to-use Mobile App, that offers electronic inspections that are automatically risk-rated, to keep your fleet safe, and your employees focused.

For some time now, I have been impressed with ComplianceBox, as they have improved the way commercial carriers and professional drivers can manage their transportation requirements.


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