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Truck Focus Podcast - Episode #55 - The Mindful Trucker - Health - Safety - Wellness

Friends in the Industry - In today’s episode, I am excited to speak with Dana Smith, owner of The Mindful Trucker.

As Dana shares his story, he hits a few points that made me think about my days operating, but also when I decided I wanted to do more than operate a commercial vehicle.

A highlight of our interview is when Dana talks about FLOW, and how we need to live in this space – FLOW allows us to respond with a positive outlook, even when things aren’t necessarily positive. I encourage you to learn more about The Mindful Trucker by visiting:

*Please note, this is an audio-only episode so please check out the episode by clicking the link below!

Episode 55 Listen Now

Check out this quick video!

Thank you Dana for joining the Truck Focus Podcast!


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