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Stay Encouraged and Remove Negative Self Identification

In our current climate, I find it more of a challenge to continue to keep a positive impression of the events going on around us.

Possibly you can relate? Even with the current challenges in place, I believe it’s extremely important to not put false labels on ourselves.

Prior to the pandemic, I’m confident most of us had habits and activities that helped create our identity as people. For myself, one thing that I miss most was being a dad that coached my son's soccer team and celebrated as he played other sports as well.

For over a year now, we have missed out on those pleasures, and in a way, it feels as if some of my own identity was taken from me for the time being. If this happened on a number of other daily habits and hobbies, I would be left wondering who I was.

For others, the same could be said as they navigate new careers because the company they worked for prior had to downsize. Now, someone who built their identity in their career direction has to realign their identity while pursuing a different direction.

While navigating through these challenges, I encourage you to continue to be optimistic about who you are, and know you bring such value. You’re still the professional, that goes above and beyond. You’re still intelligent, funny, hard-working and we need to show ourselves compassion during this time.

I do ask that we do not accept false and negative self identify, just because things have temporarily changed. You got this! If you are struggling with this current challenge, I encourage you to reach out.

You can reach out to me directly, reach out to a friend or a colleague and express how you’re feeling. But please, don’t hold it inside and let it get the best of you.

Have a safe day!


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Pushing Through Challenges

We are all faced with different challenges as we live each day, and my encouragement to you is to ensure you are pushing through each and every one of them!

Success in Our Industry

First off, I want to express my gratitude to the professionals working in the transportation industry.

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