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Trucking Fitness Company - Warm-Up & Workout - Outside of Your Truck!

Trucking Fitness Company - Keeping Your Drivers Safe & Healthy On The Road While Saving Your Company Money In The Process

This highly recommended warm-up and workouts will help make a big difference in the life, as a professional driver:

Warm-up (complete 3 rounds of each):

20 Reps Arm Circles

Start this exercise by standing up straight and raising your arms out by your sides. Next, start moving them in small circles for the prescribed amount of reps both forward and backward.

Start with small circles, and slowly make bigger ones as you do more reps. This exercise will help to loosen up the stiffness in your shoulders.

Watch the video to see exactly how these can be completed safely!

10 Reps RDLs

Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and your toes pointed forward. Stand up with your chest tall and your back straight. Keep your arms either on your stomach or crossed over your chest. To increase the difficulty, you can place your hands behind your head or raise your arms straight in the air.

Start the exercise by pushing your butt backward while keeping your back straight. Keep pushing your butt back until you feel a stretch in the muscles behind your legs, and then stand back up to a straight position. A helpful tip is to think about pushing a door closed behind you with your butt.

Watch the video to see exactly how these can be completed safely!

1 Lap Around The Truck

Run/jog/walk at your own pace.

Watch the video to see exactly how these can be completed safely!


Workout (Complete 4 Rounds of Each):

10 Reps Incline Plyo Push Up

Do this exercise outside on the side of the truck. Place your hands on the door of the truck, and make sure your body is in a straight position. To make this exercise more challenging, place your hands lower on the truck, such as on the stairs.

Start the exercise by lowering yourself toward the truck and bending your elbows by your sides. Make sure your elbows are not flaring outward, and that you are squeezing your shoulder blades behind your back as you go down.

Once you have lowered yourself all the way down, push yourself back up forcefully to where your hands slightly come off the truck. As you come back down toward the truck, catch yourself in the starting position and repeat the same movement again. Make sure each rep is smooth, and try to create a rhythm as you get better.

Watch the video to see exactly how these can be completed safely!

10 Reps Air Squat

Stand shoulder width apart with your toes pointed slightly outward. Start the movement by sticking your butt back and bending your knees at the same time until your thighs are bent 90 degrees or more, and then stand back up. Try to keep your chest up as much as possible.

Make sure you push your knees outward so they stay inline with the middle of your feet. Distribute the weight evenly between the front, back, and sides of your feet.

Make sure this movement feels natural, and to make it easier you can stand with something behind you to use as a seat to sit down and stand up from. A helpful tip to think about is sitting into a chair, or onto the toilet.

Watch the video to see exactly how these can be completed safely!

10 Reps Suitcase Deadlift

Stand shoulder width apart with your toes pointed forward and a resistance band under your feet. Hold one end of the band in each hand and start in a slightly bent over position with your knees and hips bent and your back locked in place.

Complete the repetition by standing up and extending both your knees and hips at the same time and then slowly descending back to your starting position.

Make sure your elbows stay straight the whole time and all of the movement occurs at your knees and hips. This exercise works your low back, glutes and legs.

Watch the video to see exactly how these can be completed safely!


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