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Michael Pettigrew, a newer owner-operator, was able to connect with the team at on LinkedIn as he was in search of a good quality tractor that could be used to complete long hauls and came highly referred by another O/O Luis Claudio. Michael, like many O/O's, face two major hurdles when it came to growing his business...

First, find a quality used truck or tractor from a reputable source.

Second, finding the appropriate financing.

Michael knows the current market, but couldn't find a good lender to match his needs. After speaking with contact center, he found the International truck he was looking for and received financing for the budget he required to grow his business.

The buyer was located in Knoxville, TN, and the unit itself was located in Denver, Colorado. was able to provide and arrange everything from the initial truck search to the final pick up and or delivery of the unit. This was all completed through their platform and high touch - high-tech contact center!

Check out Michae's recently purchased 2018 International LT625

Recently Sold 2018 International LT625

If you are searching for a quality new or used truck, tractor, or trailer, like this 2019 International LT625 below, then I highly recommend visiting today!

Available 2019 International LT625

To learn more about and how the platform works, I encourage you to connect with Allan Anastacio, head of sales and operations directly on LinkedIn or schedule a call.

You can also learn more about by reading the attached product sheet.

Download PDF • 531KB


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