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The Unique Operations of Small Business - An article written by Teresa Kiy HR Services

If you were to take a snapshot of the people operating your business, would it look something like this?

Unless you are a large corporation where everyone can be placed into specialized silos, this is how most small business enterprises will run.

When it comes to the people and culture (or human resources) function of your business, you probably have several different people responsible for several different facets of human resources, and some are dedicated to the same facet (such as recruitment).

Maybe you hired an administrative assistant and they turned out to be so great and efficient at their job, that you added some recruitment responsibilities to their role. Maybe they post ads, screen resumes, set up interviews and go through the orientation with new hires.

You could also possibly have someone in your business who has assumed a supervisor role and they have taken on a few different aspects of a human resources role, such as interviewing, training, evaluating performance, disciplining and possibly even terminating employment.

And then there’s you, the business owner

You wear several hats as a small business owner and human resources is definitely one of them.

You may be involved in the interviewing process, offering employment, creating policies, reviewing legislation, conducting performance evaluations, making salary decisions (including increases), promotions, discipline, terminations of employment, and the list goes on.

Have you ever thought maybe if I hire a consultant, they could do the work for me? If you have, you aren’t alone. There are HR consulting and services firms out there that offer in-house services and consultation by the hour. This can be a great ‘band-aid’ solution to help you on an as needed basis, but it can’t get to the root of meeting your needs. The problem is, if you take this route, you and your team members never truly get a chance to figure things out on your own. You will always be dependent on someone else.

I think of this a lot like how I treat my body. If I keep doing things to hurt my body and keep going to a physiotherapist to get fixed, I look at that as a band-aid. What I need to be doing is learning how to be strong and fit so that I don’t injure myself in the first place. I can do that by hiring a personal trainer and using the program they completed for me. They become my ongoing support when I need it and work with me to prevent issues in the future.

What your business and your team needs is a personal trainer. One who can give you all the tools you need for your business to be “strong and fit” to prevent “injury” in the future. If you and your team had access to the training, support and tools to be confident in managing the people and culture of your business, your business is going to keep growing and succeeding.

You are literally one click away from having a structured HR system, which is the best way to find and keep top-performing employees. Kiy HR Services Inc has the all-encompassing program called the Complete HR Blueprint that will build your successful people foundation.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to having a human resources plan, you can contact me by scheduling a call with me here:


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