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What is the Real Cost of How We Communicate? W/ Anthony Butkovic Ep #94

Friends in the Industry -

In today’s episode, I am excited to have back on the Truck Focus Podcast, my friend Anthony Butkovic, owner of

During our conversation, Anthony walks us through a variety of situations he’s experienced with claims management over the years, and the impact communication styles have on the outcome. Furthermore, Anthony highlights in our conversation are the power of preparation and the stress that can be eliminated altogether when you take the time to be prepared.

A huge takeaway of our conversation is understanding “the cost associated with communication”.

Check out the episode now!

Over the last few months, Anthony has also contributed to the Truck Focus Newsletter, and I highly recommend reading his most recent articles:

For additional inquiries on, please email or connect with Anthony on LinkedIn.

Thank you again Anthony, I really appreciate your time!


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