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Safety Presentations That Help Create a Pivotal Impact!

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Pivotal Transportation Industry Solutions offers customizable safety presentations that help strengthen your organization's safety culture!

The team at Pivotal Transportation Industry Solutions customizes each safety presentation to meet our client's needs. We achieve this, by first completing a needs assessment with the organization and structuring each presentation to speak up on the agreed priority safety items. 

A dynamic offering that includes an interactive approach that empowers attendees to understand why the topics being presented matter, why safety matters, and most importantly why their safety matters.

With years of experience presenting in person and virtually to a variety of attendee sizes, Pivotal Transportation Industry Solutions is confident we can help create a pivotal impact in your organization! 

Contact us today, to get started offering customized safety presentations to your organization!

Safety Presentation Topic Suggestions

Identifying the most crucial topics to discuss during a safety meeting can be a daunting task, especially if you are a busy organization that does not have a dedicated safety professional on staff to help you navigate this decision.

In order to identify the most crucial topics, we recommend asking yourself these three questions:

First, what was the last situation that occurred at your organization's location, where someone was almost injured? 

Second, if you have a reporting system of any kind in places, such as a carrier profile or driver's abstract monitoring process - take a look at the last report available and identify a common trend that is hurting your safety rating. This could include speeding tickets, cargo securement violations, seatbelt violations, etc. 

Third, ask yourself when was the last time you trained your staff (regardless of size) on what to do in the event of an emergency. 

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After you ask yourself these three questions, this will help you piece together a couple of areas that could possibly be discussed during a safety presentation.

Still not sure what to discuss, or possibly you have a few ideas of what needs to be discussed but you are not sure how to deliver your presentation in such a way that it changes the safety culture of your organization? Contact us today, and we can discuss having a Pivotal Transportation Industry Solutions team member lead an upcoming safety presentation for you!

Get Started Today!

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